Cabbage Patch Kids

    Little Sprouts Collectible Figures 8 Pack

    SRP: $12.99

    Product Description

    Little Sprouts collectible figures are new from Cabbage Patch Kids!

    The Little Sprouts world is bustling with neighborhood pals and big time fun! Skip along the friend-filled streets, snuggle with loveable furry pets, and help sweet babies stay healthy and grow–there’s so much to do, see…and cuddle! But when the school bell rings, it’s time to dash to class to discover, learn, and play.  Collect all 120 collectible kid, baby, and pet figures and set off on an exciting new adventure every day! How big will your family be?

    The 8 Pack Friends Set includes:

    • Two 1.5″ Kid figures, two 1″ Baby figures, one .75″ HIDDEN fantasy pet & three accessories!
    • Comes with collector guide to track and find all 120 figures!
    • 1.5″ Kid and 1″ Baby figures include articulation for sitting.

    Additional Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts collectible figures and accessories will be available in Blind Packs and 4 Pack Friends Sets. The Cabbage Academy Playset and Lil’ Patch Vet Center Playset are also sold separately. 

    Collect and Check! Download the collector’s guide here

    Little Sprouts are Available Here!