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    Egg Babies Series 1 Surprise Egg Plush

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    Product Description

    Egg Babies are super soft plush friends that are vibrant in color and packed with personality! Egg Babies Series 1 features 6 different plush friends to crack, reveal and love!  Who will you find inside?

    Meet the Egg Babies!
    Turtellini is a colorful turtle who’s outgoing, caring and livens up the party. She’s a true gift to those around her! Bubble Gum is a fluffy pink bunny full of confidence. She is a natural leader, has a true rock and roll spirit and loves to express herself through music. Hamlet is a cheeky and mischievous pig. He can sometimes be found stirring up trouble but don’t worry, he’s sweet enough to clean up his mess. Kiwi is a true extrovert. This fun-loving chick loves to be in the spotlight. Kiwi can usually be found center stage as lead singer of the band, Deviled Eggs. Patches is an energetic and determined puppy. He knows good sportsmanship and is more important than the final score. Snowflake is a sweet and loveable kitty cat. She makes new friends wherever she goes. Her cheerful personality is truly infectious.

    Crack open your egg to reveal which “FUR”endly surprise you will end up loving forever! Collect all 6 Egg Babies!  Styles and colors will vary.

    Egg Babies Available Here!